"Ultimately, surveillance will become so ubiquitous networked, and searchable that unmonitored public space will effectively cease to exist." -- Technology Review, "Surveillance Nation," Apr 2003, Dan Farmer, former chief of network security for Sun Microsystems and co-author of SATAN network probe program

DC video cam surveillance center "If current trends continue, simple arithmetic predicts that in 20 years the same purchasing power will buy the processing capability of 10 million of today's workstations, 200 exabytes (200 million gigabytes) of storage capacity, and 200 exibits (200 million megabits) of bandwidth. Another way of saying this is that by 2023 large organizations will be able to devote the equivalent of a contemporary PC to monitoring every single one of the 330 million people who will then be living in the United States." -- "Surveillance Nation," by Dan Farmer and Charles C. Mann, April 2003

"Over time, the thousands of individual monitoring schemes inevitalby will merge together and feed their data into large commercial and state-owned networks. When surveillance databases can describe or depict what every individual is doing at a particular time, Ramarkrishnan says, they wil be providing humankind with the digital equivalent of an ancient dream: being "present, in effect, almost anywhere and anytime." -- "Surveillance Nation", April 2003, page 39, by Dan Farmer and Charles C. Mann, Technology Review magazine [Dan Farmer is former head of security for Sun Microsystems & co-author of SATAN, a controversial software program designed to detect security holes.]

BLM using spy cameras, Elko Daily Free Press, 2001 A Winnemucca man uncovered a hidden video camera buried in the sagebrush along a wilderness area boundary and when he dug it up, he discovered it was labeled with a U.S. Department of Interior property sticker.

Illuminst All-Seeing Eye Made Public in UK, The Cutting Edge, November 2002 Subtitle: In a campaign designed to "reassure" the public that the police the mass transit bus company, and the Mayor of London were teaming together to fight crime, display billboards suddenly sprouted all over London that disturbed people, not reassure them. Is it possible that people are more aware of the Satanic symbolism of the Illuminati than leadership has thought? Or, is it possible that people are generally afraid of the all-pervasive surveillance and the spirit behind it?

Visionics CEO Business Week Top Entreprenuers, Janurary 2002, Visionics Press Release

Cameras to monitor DC protesters WASHINGTON TIMES, December 20, 2002, Brian DeBose The Metropolitan Police Department will activate surveillance cameras next month along city streets for the first time since city officials passed new legislation.

Homeland Security to Spur Biometrics Growth 12/20/02, by Ryan Naraine "The INS plans to spend big to integrate biometrics into its systems to monitor U.S. borders, technology that will include fingerprint scanning, face-recognition and other biological characteristics to identify felons within a database." -- DC Internet 12/20/02, Ryan Naraine

Camera Keeps Eye on Charter School's Classrooms The Salt Lake Tribune, 12/27/02 She is also concerned about the $30,000 to $35,000 price: "One would question, in terms of prioritizing the money a school district has, whether this is the most effective use."

Image of web cams on Route 9

The Eyes Have It For Now, 11/7/2002, Christian Science Monitor, John Nordell, No one knows how many surveillance cameras sweep public space in the United States, but experts agree the number is rising. Sales of closed-circuit TV systems grew faster last year than those of any other electronic security product, according to a dealer survey by Security Sales &Integration magazine in Torrance, Calif. Here in Times Square, perhaps the nation's most monitored public area, the number of cameras has more than tripled in four years, according to Brown, to 258 from 75...Another reason for the expansion: falling costs. "I don't think people realize how easy it is – and cheap – to buy a camera, put it on the Internet, and watch," says Michael Naimark....

According to Wired magazine, "clueless Big Brother" need not worry anybody--at least not as it relates to web cams, since most of the web cams are privately owned. Sad to say, they don't have a clue, or maybe they're just lying to us. In any case, what does it matter if the web cams are privately or government owned if the government can intercept the web cam images and voices and download the data to federal super CPU sites? Only if we assume that it's a technological impossi- bility to do so can we assume that it could never happen, or should we suppose that financial or political obstacles will stand in the way after a nucleor terror attack in the U.S.?

No escaping the spy eyes, 01/17/2003, Newcastle Evening Chronicle (UK) Round-the-clock surveillance cameras are now found not only in shopping centres, but many housing estates, parks, Metro stations and trains, buses, banks' cashpoint machines, car parks and even on fire engines.

Cameras let police peer down high school halls Feb 16, 2003, Journal Sentinal In what officials believe to be the first program of its kind in Wisconsin, Glendale and Brown Deer police have the capability of sitting in police cruisers and watching live video feeds from security cameras inside their respective high schools. The system is designed, its architect says, to prevent massacres like the one that made Columbine High School a household name. But at these two north suburban schools, the system has seen more benign successes, in the hands not of police but of school officials.

SF Cabs Now Equipped With Cams KRON, April 27, 2003 SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- Next time you hail a taxi, smile. You may be on cabbie camera. Cab companies have installed cameras inside their vehicles to help keep drivers safe while they work in one of the Bay Area most dangerous jobs.

Surveillance Nation April 2003, MIT's Technology Review "In a project aimed at alleviating driver's frustration, the University of Massachusetts Transportation Center, located in nearby Amherst, installed eight shoe-size digital surveillance cameras alongthe roads leading to the bridge. Six are mounted on utility poles and the roofs of local businiesses. Made by Axis Communications in Sweden, they are connected to dial-up modems and transmit images of the roadway before them to a Web page, which commuters can check for congestion before tackling the road. According to Dan Dulaski, the system's technical manager, running te entire webcam system--power, phone, and Internet fees--cost just $600 a month.

Visitors Face Scanner Database As They Enter Court Tampa Tribune, Apr 30, 2003 CLEARWATER - Face-scanning technology that can identify wanted criminals made its official debut Tuesday at Pinellas County's criminal courthouse. It is the first such use of the scanning technology at a courthouse, according to a security expert on hand to observe how the system works.

Chicago installs cameras in high-crime areas, 2003 Officials in Chicago have a message for criminals: Big Brother is watching. The city will install $16,000 worth of highly visible video cameras on light poles in high-crime areas to create a deterrent, but officials on Thursday were tightlipped on how many cameras there would be and where exactly they will be located.

Switch on for powered data networks, Mark Ward, BBC News, 2003 The power over ethernet system made it much cheaper to set up data networks supporting wi-fi access points, remote webcams and even notebook computers because it removes the need to put in place separate power cables.

Visionics does Belgium, May 9, 2002 BRUSSELS, Belgium, May 9, 2002 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Visionics Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNX), the worldwide leader in identification technologies and systems, announced today that the Federal Belgian Police has nearly completed the national roll-out of the new Central Picture System, a nation-wide law enforcement mugshot software system using FaceIt(R) technology.

Visionics ponies up for trial run in Essex, UK, 2002 LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 30, 2002--Securicor Information Systems (SIS) and its technology partner, Visionics Corporation announced today that Essex Police are conducting an extensive trial of Securicor's Facial Biometric Researcher system that automates the process of matching suspect images from CCTV and composite sketches or e-fits, with their extensive database that contains more than 160,000 images.

Visionics Awarded Sub-Contract From U.S. Army, 2002, Mar 11 JERSEY CITY, N.J. &MINNETONKA, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 2002-- Visionics Corporation, the worldwide leader in identification technologies announced today that is has been awarded a subcontract from the MicroOptical Engineering Corporation under its contract with in the U.S. Army for work in the Digital Military Police (MP) program. The cornerstone of this mobile security system is an eyeglass-mounted wearable camera and display device designed and manufactured by The MicroOptical Engineering Corporation, of Westwood, Massachusetts. The integrated FaceIt® component will allow Military Police to perform hands-free facial surveillance, automatically capturing the facial image of an individual within their field of view and performing a one-to-many match against a database of "friends" or a watch list of "foes."

Real-time wireless phone face recognition 2002, Mar 26 SAN FRANCISCO #8211March 26, 2002 -- "Law enforcement officials may one day use their mobile phones to help identify criminals, thanks to an application being demonstrated by Visionics Corporation (Nasdaq: VSNX), and Wirehound LLC. The companies unveiled facial recognition capabilities on JavaTM technology-enabled phones from Motorola today during the 2002 JavaOneSM Developer Conference in San Francisco" Moscone Center (Booth #1728)... The application, developed specifically for a law enforcement agency, uses Visionics#8217 FaceIt® ARGUS as the delivery platform for facial recognition capabilities and Wirehound#8217s Birddog software on Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM) technology-enabled mobile phone with a color display. The FaceIt ARGUS system automatically finds faces in a field of view and searches them against a mug shot database. Upon finding a match, the Birddog component generates a wireless alert to the phones used by mobile law enforcement officials, who are then able to verify the identity of the subject. The phones can store multiple

Visionics CEO gives Keynote address in Brussels, Belgium, Arpril 10, 2000 Visionics CEO gives Keynote talk in the hub of the New World Order, Brussels, Belgium, where the B.E.A.S.T. (Brussels El- ectronic Accounting Surveillance Terminal) is said to exist, and where the Illuminati's famous Mothers of Darkness castle is perched.

Visionics and Digimarc do West Virginia DMV, 2002, Jan 9 Under the license issuance program, when first-time driver license applicants apply for a West Virginia license, the system compares their facial image against the 2 million DMV records on file in an effort to quickly identify potential duplicates and aid in subsequent investigations of identity fraud.

Visionics/Identix get Navy funding, 2002, Feb 4

Visionics does Dallas Fort Worth airport and..., 2002, January The FaceIt® ARGUS system will also be under evaluation at Boston Logan's Airport, among other unnamed security installations. Previous versions of FaceIt®-enabled surveillance systems have been deployed in Iceland's Keflavik Airport, the UK City of Birmingham and in the Newham Borough of London, where, in association with the Metropolitan Police Service, over 300 cameras are tied into the CCTV control room. FaceIt® technology is also used in casino applications and in combating football hooliganism. Louisiana Department of Public Safety Completes 1100 + Seat Deployment With Identix Technology, July 24, 2002

ImageWare Brings Facial Recognition to the Web, 2002, Identix press release SAN DIEGO, July 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ImageWare Systems, Inc. today announced, through its long-standing relationship with Identix Incorporated , the development of FACE ID Web(TM), an Internet-based version of its FACE ID® facial recognition software.

Viisage director takes Homeland Security post, September 17, 2002, 11:38 a.m. ET, Online John Gannon, director of Littleton, Mass.-based Viisage Technology Inc., has resigned to take a position with the Transition Planning Office for the Department of Homeland Security.

Facescan Software bought by New Zealand Customs, July 23, 2002 New Zealand Customs Service is investigating the use of Imagis facial recognition software to apply against its core CUSMOD border management system............................. The Company, whose Chairman is Oliver "Buck" Revell, the former Associate Deputy Director of the FBI, has over 140 installations of its software located across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. This includes one of the UK's national police

Imagis and Microsoft present joint demonstrtion, 08/12/2002, Imagis Press Release Imagis' integrated justice system leverages the inherent advantages of Microsoft's(R) Windows.NET technology to facilitate Web-based information search and retrieval between every aspect of today's justice system. As a result, Imagis is able to put critical information - including both text- and image-based data - into the hands of those who need it, when they need it. This includes horizontal data sharing (e.g. between different police, sheriff, and port authority detachments) and vertical data sharing (enforcement, courts, prosecutionm corrections, etc.

"While the idea of an Integrated Justice Information System is not new, the technologies behind Imagis' integrated justice system, including its utilization of XML Web Services, are very new and innovative," says Jeff Langford, .NET Technology Specialist, Justice &Public Safety Solutions, Microsoft Corporation. "This breakthrough technology allows national, state, and county law enforcement agencies the ability to deploy affordable and simplified information sharing solutions in a fraction of the time compared to what presently exists."

* Identify an offender or suspect across any region using both text- based (e.g. a name, driver's license number, or descriptive phrase) and image-based search criteria (e.g. a photo, mug shot, or artist's composite drawing). Integrate with other vendor solutions easily, including other RMS, CAD, and Jail Management systems

Imagis Technologies Expands to Brazil, 12/17/2002, Imagis news release (TSL) -- one of Imagis’ South American business partners -- has purchased a license of Imagis' CABS™ (Portuguese) software system for use in a Brazilian police department. The sale represents Imagis' first foray into the Brazilian market and the first sale of a Portuguese-localized version of its acclaimed Computerized Arrest and Booking System.

Imagis to Supply Another CA Police Dept with System 12/10/2002 Imagis announced today that the Pleasant Hill Police Department of Contra Costa, CA has purchased a site license of Imagis’ CABS™ Computerized Arrest and Booking System.

Visionics gets VA Beach Police surveillance sub-contract, July 3, 2002 Virginia Beach Police Department has purchased a FaceIt® ARGUS system for a state-of-the-art upgrade to its CCTV network on the beachfront. The system will be tested over the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend and is expected to be ready for full use within two weeks.

Viisage gets contract from Georgia for digi driver licenses 11/20/2002 Viisage Technology Inc., a biometrics and facial recognition systems company based in Littleton, has won a $20 million, six-year contract with the state of Georgia to design and implement a new digital driver license program. The cards

Maryland Police Dept. Installs Cam Surveillance System Dec. 19, 2002, Using a federal law-enforcement block grant, the department purchased and installed 16 cameras in different neighborhoods.

Columbia Md. Successful Field Test of Wireless System 12/18/2002 The system, called iSure(TM) uses biometric encryption to secure and authenticate documents and applications that are being transferred through a wireless network, validating ownership when received. iSure was developed by ITSI under a grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and according to ITSI, the system works as follows: Before opening or transmitting a report, the officer provides proof of identity by placing his/her fingerprint on an Identix BioTouch(TM) PC Card that is built-in to the laptop. The report is encrypted using the biometric and sent wirelessly. iSure(TM) uses the biometric key to decrypt the file validating the identity of the sender. Once ownership is validated, the electronic signature is decrypted using the biometric and the electronic signature is attached to the report.

Anywhere You Go, Cameras May be Watching You, by Mike Maple, 2002 According to The New York Times, a security company estimated that New Yorkers are caught on camera as many as 75 times a day. The Chicago Sun-Times estimated that someone traveling in that city's Loop area could be caught on camera as many as 50 times. An entrepreneur even sells a DVD set called Caught On Tape that features everyday acts - crime, nudity, nose-picking and the like - captured on surveillance cameras.

Identix Gets 1.5 Million Contract to Expand IBIS, Oct. 8, 2002 The IBIS system uses a hand-held portable device, called a Remote Data Terminal (RDT), which captures photographs and forensic-quality fingerprint images. The data is then transmitted wirelessly to the central IBIS server via the police radio communication system or cellular communications. At the IBIS server, the data is processed and transferred to one or more AFIS databases. If a fingerprint match exists, identification information is transferred back to the RDT. If there is no match, the fingerprint and photo files are discarded from the system.

VISG Momentum Continues as It Wins Contract from Delaware 12/4/2002 Viisage has been selected to design, develop and implement a new secure digital drivers' license program for Delaware's Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The contract award includes a five-year initial program and a two-year renewal option, allowing for technology enhancements. The new system will incorporate Viisage's leading facial recognition software, FaceEXPLORER(TM) to help identify attempts at fraudulently obtaining credentials.

"Watching Your Every Move", The New American, Jan 2003, by William Jaspers

Identix Selected for Phase II of The DOD Biometric CAC Tests 11/04/2002 "Panther, which is scheduled to go on sale by the end of the year, will include built-in support for Internet video and audio conferencing. 'This is going to totally change the way we communicate with each other,' Jobs said, as he demon- strated Apple's new $150 Web cam, called iSight, with a live internet video chat with former Vice president and current Apple board member Al Gore." San Francisco Chronicle, June 24, 2003, Page B3 Col 1

Locker Room Cams Expose School to Suit, Dec 9, 2003, ABCNEWS Dean Schabner, School Security Tapes of children Undressing Viewed on Net, Suit Says: "A Tennessee school district where security cameras were installed in a middle school's locker rooms is accused of allowing images of chil- dren changing their clothes to be viewed over the Internet."

Road cameras raise arrests The Guardian, Monday January 27, 2003 "A new generation of road surveillance cameras designed to help police intercept violent and serious criminals will lead to more than 200,000 extra arrests a year and significant reductions in car crime, Home Office ministers believe. The digital cameras can capture individual number plates on video at the rate of 3,000 an hour, and cover three lanes of motorway traffic passing at 70mph."

Germany Toys With New Big Brother Technology, 12/29/2003 While Germany's toll system for heavy trucks flounders, a new Big Brother for the country’s roads is already in the planning: a surveillance system of cameras installed at important traffic junctions to track criminals.

Internet Cafes May Be Required to Conduct Video Surveillance January 30, 2004, By KENNETH OFGANG, Staff Writer/Appellate Courts, Metropolitan News-Enterprise A local ordinance requiring Internet cafes to conduct video surveillance of their customers as an anti-gang measure is constitutional, the Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

Russian Government to Install Cams in Every Moscow Apartment Building March 10, 2004,, "Moscow is palnning to install surveillance cameras at the entrance of every apartment building in Moscow during the next 3-4 years."

UK Government wants cameras in every residential neighborhood, London Evening Standard, April 25, 2004: "Secret plans would see hundreds of cameras fitted in quiet streets around the capitol."

L.A. Lifeguards tout beach cams San Diego Union-Tribune The lifeguard division of the L.A. County Fire Department installed a network of 27 remote video cameras at discreet locations along 72 miles of shoreline this summer.

Wearable cams see you through day Business Weekly, March 12, 2004 "A team from Microsoft Research in Cambridge is developing a personal ‘black box', which digitally and automatically records all the key events in the wearer's day."

Chicago mayor outlines elaborate video camera network September 9, 2004, ABC7Chicago News From a hi-tech command center, the City of Chicago plans to monitor a vast security network. Thousands of surveillance cameras will be linked -- and authorities will be alerted to crimes and terrorist acts. The mayor unveiled the plans for this new security network at a news conference this morning.

New Haven using infrared video scanners to catch tax cheats Associated Press, September 9 2004

ROBOTS: Automated Explorers October 13, 2003, Colorado Daily "Kaiser and his team field-tested a fully-loaded version, equipped with a rotatable camera, a wireless Internet conne- ction and sensors it can drop down and via cable swoop back up to measure temperature, humidity, sunlight and gather water or air samples. The prototype is designed to get power from solar power generators on the cable itself...'Its simi- 'arity to a spider is very strong',Kaiser said...The federal National Science Foundation has awarded Kaiser 7.5 million to continue his NIMS work...."

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"Does the Brotherhood exist?" "That Winston, you will never know. If we choose to set you free when we have finished with you, and if you live to be ninety years old, still you will never learn whether the answer to that question is yes or no. As long as you live, it will be a riddle in your mind." -- 1984 by George Orwell

"Does the Brotherhood exist?" "That Winston, you will never know. If we choose to set you free when we have finished with you, and if you live to be ninety years old, still you will never learn whether the answer to that question is yes or no. As long as you live, it will be a riddle in your mind."
-- 1984 by George Orwell

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Is Israel "the eavesdropping capital of the world"?
China's All-Seeing Eye, Rolling Stone magazine, May 20, 2008
Interpol Details Plans For Global Biometric Facial Scan Database Every traveler to be scanned and checked against terrorist faces, Oct 20, 2008,
"Thus, virtually the entire American telecommunications system is bugged by two Israeli-formed companies with possible links to Israel's eavesdropping agency--with no oversight by Congress." -- James Bamford, The Shadow Factory, 2008, DOUBLEDAY, page 246
"Big Brother will be watching you, thanks to biometric face recognition software. The REAL ID Act provides for federally mandated use of biometric data embedded in state driver's licenses." TNA, June 27, 2005
"With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to recieve and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end. Every citizen, or at least every citizen worth watching, could be kept for twenty-four hours a day under the eyes of the police and the sound of official propaganda." George Orwell, 1984, 1948
"...that no man might buy or sell, save that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name" (Revelation 13:17)"